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Ready to transform your business? Good! A brag worthy brand means being daring and disruptive in your niche. I show you how to show up online confidently, shamelessly, authentically and how to make an impact on your audience.

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This little gem of an e-book is about 5 branding fundamentals, a beautiful place to start your journey. Go from an idea to a cohesive brand in a shorter amount of time. Want in?

hello there…

No matter how we work together, what we create will be Magic!

It’s all about energy matching, creative collaboration and celebrations.

Collaboration is key to all success. And when we work together, it will always be a process that is created in unison. My aim is to serve you the best way I can during your branding and design journey with me.


Brand Designer

Transforming your business into a brag worthy brand that lures your audience in.


Life Coach

Transforming your mindset to be better at business, life and all the good stuff in between.


Hype girl

Long after we finish working together I will continue to support you and cheer you on from the sidelines.

It all begins with matching Energy

My mission in business is to help womxn led businesses go on a beautiful transformational journey..

..of self-discovery, and come out with a healthy mindset, solid strategy and a beautifully crafted brand that speaks volumes making what they thought was impossible, possible.

My business is to know your business, I like getting all the tea on what you and your biz is about. Whether we’re working together in a branding capacity or in a 1:1 container.. When we’re together we focus on the growth of your business. How do we get you from A to B, all whilst having a ton of fun.

Meet Loren

Hey there! I’m Loren… In a nutshell, I am a brand creation expert and I am also life + business coach as well. It’s a bit of a mouthful. So let’s stick to Peter Pan for now…

…I say this because when I work with my clients, I sprinkle magic all throughout their businesses. I build epic brands with loads of personality all based on strategy. At the end of the day, they get a brand that’s brag worthy and I get the satisfaction of knowing I just welcomed another bad ass to the business world.

Let’s connect and start a conversation! I’d love to have a chat over a virtual coffee (or G&T).

Being aligned with your business

is about how your brand makes people feel..

There is only one you. Does your brand align with your unique set of values & skills? Just as it’s important for you to be a magnet for the right people, it’s important for you to partner with like-minded individuals who understand how to help you transform your business and mindset into a place of magic and magnetism.

Are you ready to weave magic with me? Whether you’re looking for a coach or a branding expert. I am one click away.