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Hey, I’m Loren…Brand Strategist & Designer

I help your brand go from unclear & uninspiring to brag worthy so that businesses like yours can make more money and live life on your own terms.

Here’s How I Can Help You


Brand Strategy

Your secret weapon to a high-converting visual brand experience. An in-depth process exploring your business goals, audience, competition and how we can use design to accomplish these goals. This is how you’re going to break the status quo, shake the ground, make an impact! It’s your point of difference.


Brand Design

Brag worthy design that lures your audience in + tells an individual story. After the strategy is complete we weave this magic into something tangible. Wow your audience with an identity that screams personality. Want to be proud of sending people to your Instagram or your website? This is the way my friend!


Package & Web Design

When you have your identity sorted and now need to elevate onto your products or online. If you’re an online business a website is the first place someone is going to go to learn more about you. Have a physical product? We all know we judge our products on aesthetics. Why not have yours be the best of bunch!

Looking for…

IG-Worthy, omg I have to buy, totally booked out, brag-worthy design?

Having a killer brand identity that is backed by a solid bespoke strategy can do wonders for your business. It allows people to trust you and your brand, make that cash, it makes you feel confident as a business owner and makes you memorable to your audience. Thus, brag-worthy baby!

You’re not like everyone else..

So your branding shouldn’t look like everyone else either.

Branding is about how you make people feel. When done right, it captivates and calls to people to take aligned action. Bold, creative design is synonymous with innovation. To intuitively create something that does not yet exist.

At Gemini Creative Studio, we’re brand strategists & designers, we don’t just create a brand that “looks cool” and is aesthetically pleasing, we create a strategic visual identity that targets your ideal audience. All while giving you that confidence boost you need as a business owner to make your profit dreams a reality.

Time for a visual upgrade?

Meet Loren

Hey there! I’m Loren… In a nutshell, I am Brand Strategist & Designer. But I like to tell people that I am a bit of a Peter Pan…

…I say this because when I work with my clients, I sprinkle magic all throughout their businesses. I build epic brands with loads of personality all based on strategy. At the end of the day, they get a brand that’s brag worthy and I get the satisfaction of knowing I just welcomed another bad ass to the business world.

Let’s connect and start a conversation! I’d love to have a chat over a virtual coffee (or G&T).

Being aligned with your business

is about how your brand makes people feel..

There is only one you. Does your brand align with your unique set of values & skills? Just as it’s important for you to be a magnet for the right people, it’s important for you to partner with like-minded individuals who understand how to help you transform your business and mindset into a place of magic and magnetism.

Are you ready to weave magic with me? I am one click away.

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